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Premium- 3D Aerial Report

Top-tier Aerial Measurement Report provides a comprehensive and accurate 3D breakdown of entire roof planes.

Residential or Commercial Complete 3D Roof Measurement Reports – starting at $30.

Blueprint measurement / Drone Imagery takeoff report/ Xactimate™ Sketch & Estimates

PDF and Sketch Options- ESX Roof Sketch for Xactimate™/ XML Roof Diagram for Symbility™.

XML, DWG, and RXF, integrations with most Roofing Contractor CRM/Sales application tools.

Even with tree cover, we’ve got your roof measurements covered – the industry’s best coverage

Exciting News for Roofers, Contractors, and Claims Adjusters: You can now conveniently place a single order for both Aerial Measurements and Xactimate™ Estimates, with the assurance of receiving them within 24 hours or even less*.

Fastest turnaround in the industry! We specialize in providing utmost accurate and most up-to-date Estimates on going rates for labor, materials, and equipment in your loss location using Xactimate™ software and its location specific & and most recent Price List.
WallS- COmplete Report

Walls Siding Replacement, paint jobs,  Windows and Doors Replacements, or Exterior Repairs.

Comprehensive 3D measurements of Wall/Siding Sketch analysis with facade, Doors, Windows and trims.

Complete Wall measurement Report for Residential/Commercial – Starting at $75.

Fastest Turnaround in the industry. Super Rush-Delivery option in between 6 -9 hrs*.

Wall Complete Report

Discover Unmatched Ease! Now, place a single order for a Complete Xactimate™ ESX Sketch that includes both Roof and Wall Sketches.


Rapid Squares Report

Arrive with essential roof measurements. No need to hover for images and endless waits.

Rapid Square Reports Includes Multiple Roof Pitch Details, a Waste Factor Table, and Notes on Detached Structures.

Undoubtedly, We Offer More Comprehensive and Informative Data Points Than Any Competitor.

Quick and highly cost-effective solution for estimating Residential Roof / Commercial Roof Projects – same low cost  $17.95

2 hrs* or less Standard Turnaround. 30 min* or less  Super Rush-Delivery option.

Wall and Siding Report
Walls- standard Report

Wall and Siding, paint jobs,  Replacements, or Exterior Wall Repairs.

Comprehensive 3D measurements of Wall/Siding Sketch analysis with facade Area and selected dimensions.

Wall measurement Report for Residential Siding / Commercial Siding Projects – Starting at $40.

Wall/Siding Facet Labels and Area per Facade. Doors and Windows Included.

PDF, XML, and ESX format options.

Fastest Turnaround in the industry. Super Rush-Delivery option in between 2 -6 hrs*. *see current guidance on FAQs.

Blueprint reports

Measurement Report with a comprehensive breakdown of roof and wall planes, featuring a 3D sketch from architects’ blueprints.

Residential / Commercial – Roofing or Wall/Siding Projects Starting $50.

Premium report option for Roof Measurements, Wall Measurements, and Gutter Measurements.

Insurance Claim Formats – .ESX for Xactimate™/ XML for Symbility™

Fastest Turnaround in the aerial measurement industry. Super Rush-Delivery option in between 2 -6 hrs*. *see current guidance on FAQs.

Blueprint reports roofr skymeasure eagleview hover roofscope
roofr eagleview xactimate hover skymeasure gaf quickmeasure aerial estimation
gutter report

Aerial Roof and Gutter Measurement Report – fascia and gutter Lengths.

Gutter Downspout Suggestive Count.

Miter Corners, Left, and Right End Caps.

Residential Gutter  / Commercial Gutter Report- Starting $40.

Fastest Turnaround in the Industry. Super Rush-Delivery option in between 2 -5 hrs*. *see current guidance on FAQs.

Pavement Report

Don’t spend time manually measuring pavements. Automate your takeoffs with Aerial Reports’ Residential or Commercial Pavement Report, starting at just $35.

A comprehensive Pavement Report covering seal coating, snow removal, parking lot line striping, concrete volume, landscaping, and more.

PDF-only option.

Fastest Turnaround in the industry. Super Rush-Delivery option in between 2 -5 hrs*. *see current guidance on FAQs.

roofr skymeasure hover roofscope aerialestimation aerialreports
"What really turned me over was your ability to provide a blazing fast 3D roof sketch when all others refused due to tree cover."
William Mayers
Insurance Adjuster

Why Us?

fastest Report turnaround

Boasting a track record of reliability, we offer the fastest turnaround time in the roofing measurements industry. Our measurements are not only rapid but also consistently accurate. We can provide comprehensive measurements in as little as 30 minutes*, ensuring your roofing projects stay on schedule.

Accurate & Consistent

Ensuring the utmost precision in our roof measurement reports is our top priority. Our dedicated team of CAD technicians meticulously gathers data from aerial imagery and employs advanced technology to produce highly accurate reports. Each report undergoes a stringent three-step verification process led by a quality assurance professional. This meticulous approach certifies the absolute accuracy of every detail, reinforcing our commitment to delivering dependable roofr measurement reports for your projects.

Gain Competitive Edge

Satellite Roof Measurements empower you to make the most of your time. As a wise saying goes, 'When you arrive empty-handed, you'll return empty-handed.' By ordering your report a few hours ahead of your schedule, you'll arrive fully equipped with all the necessary data at your fingertips. This means less time spent on taking pictures, uploading, and waiting, and more valuable face time with your clients.

Exactly what you need

Our roofing measurement reports are all-encompassing, user-friendly, and provide every essential detail. You can bid with confidence, knowing that your estimates will be in perfect alignment with your financial objectives.

Order via TEXT

Register to order a report with a text message.Then Simply Text us the Address for measurement to 5104910510, your desired report format with any additional information/requirements. Our bots Will place your order and get to work. Click on the heading to see a short video

Order via Email

Returning Customers with active account and active order history within 90 days can simply order a report with an email. Simply reply to your your most recent order invoice with the new Address for measurements and a desired report format. We'll place your order and get to work.


Extensive Coverage in US, USVI, and Canada. Even with tree cover, we've got your roof measurements covered – industry's best coverage Lightning-Fast and Accurate ESX Sketches for Xactimate™ and XML diagrams for Symbility™ Voted best value: Premium 3D and Rapid Squares Reports, outstanding value Wall and Gutter

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