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Jan'23- Delivery Turnaround Guidance

Mostly 3 -6 Hours*
Rush Delivery
Mostly 6 -12 Hours*
Express Delivery
Mostly 12 - 24 Hours*
Standard Delivery
Mostly under 24 Hours*

General FAQ's

Most frequent questions and answers

You’ll need to create a FREE Account before placing an order in order to ensure a seamless ordering experience. It helps the user maintain their order history and also helps timely report deliveries by eliminating typo errors. 

Creating a FREE account is extremely simple. If you are new to the website, you can create your account from the top menu ” Register for a FREE Account”. In order to take advantage of services such as ordering via TEXT message, receiving measurements via TEXT message in minutes, etc., please enter your mobile phone number.

To deactivate your account, Please send an email to and we will delete your account after completing all your pending orders and clearing all past dues. Please note, it may take up to two weeks to delete your account.

Account Funds is a prepaid account balance that can be purchased to expedite the ordering process by avoiding credit card entry for every order. Please ensure to keep Account Funds Top-Up in a separate order of its own.

Mixing the Account Funds Top-Up with a Measurement Report order will delay funds addition until the report is delivered.

We rely on your information for the location and leverage the GPS coordinates under the pin for our measurements. In case of a conflict, we mostly go by the Pin marker GPS coordinates and ignore the address as it is coming from you directly. 

Please ensure that you drag the yellow pin directly on the roof of the building you need measured and hit the “Confirm” button.

You can send us your logo via email to “” with your account username and order number. We’ll save it to be used for your future orders.

For any shingle warranty claim or any other Insurance claim, you’ll need a Premium Report Format. Unless an adjuster specifically asks for a claims software format (ESX for XML), a standard PDF format is sufficient.

Yes, our Premium Report, when ordered in XML format, integrates seamlessly with the most commonly used CRM/ Sales software.

Please request a sample XML file via email to ensure compatibility before ordering.

For Roof Measurement Reports, We Do Not Have Any Price Difference For Residential Or A Commercial Roof. When Ordering A Wall, Gutter Or A Pavement Report, Only Single Family Homes Qualify For A Residential Building. All Others Qualify For A Commercial Building ( For E.G Town Homes, Apartment Buildings In A Complex, A Church, A Clubhouse Or A Pool House, Barn Etc.)

Rapid Squares FAQ's

Rapid Squares Reports are accurate enough to make an initial estimate or a sales presentation.  This is a top down 2D view only and factors in the predominant pitch in its calculations. Accuracy ranges to 94% or higher in gable roofs and 90% or higher in Hip / cut-up roofs.

Please note: If the roof is a hip roof or has multiple slopes and/or elevations, It is strongly recommended to order a Premium Report format for greater accuracy.

  • Standard Delivery Turnaround: 2 Business Hours or Less*.
  • Express Delivery Turnaround: 1 Business Hour or Less*.
  • Rush Delivery Turnaround: 45 Business Minutes or Less*.
  • Super Rush Delivery Turnaround: 30 Business minutes or Less*.

*approximate time and mostly depends on the complexity of a roof.

Yes. If the complex has multiple buildings, order additional reports for each dwelling or contact us for a quote on over 20 buildings at an address.

On the Rapid Squares Report, you will see a green outline on the main roof of the property that indicates the perimeter of the property measured.

A detached garage can be included upon ask. These structures will not be outlined but will be marked “A” and /or “B”. These measurements will be provided in the “Additional Notes:” section of the report along with any other recommendations.

Unfortunately, ESX or XML file formats are not available for Rapid Squares. Please order a  Premium Report if you require these formats.

Due to its nature and expected fast delivery times, you can cancel your order for a Rapid Square report  (Standard Delivery turnaround orders only) within 10 minutes of your order time with a Simple Call /E-mail to our sales department ( with your order number or simply reply to your order invoice. Express, Rush and Super Rush order’s can’t be cancelled at all as they are meant to start immediately as soon as they are placed.

The amount will be refunded to your account funds balance.

You can upgrade your Rapid Squares report to a Premium Report format  from the link in your Report and/or provided to your email. you can also upgrade  your report from your account dashboard. Go to “” page with your order number.

You get $9 credit (i.e 50% of 17.95 = ~$9) towards your upgrade. For E.g., If the roof size is under 25 squares (Premium -Small:$30), then the cost of upgrade becomes $21 ($30-$9)

Premium Reports FAQ's

We boast on our accurate measurements. Premium Reports generally range between 0-2% field verified variance and could go down to 0-5% range in rare circumstances such as Heavy tree-covered roof or when Front elevation view / street-side view is unavailable to visually re-verify. However, We Provide Our Notes And Suggestions In such Circumstances.

  • Standard Delivery Turnaround: under 24 Business Hours.
  • Express Delivery Turnaround: 9 -12 Business Hours or Less*. $20 Additional
  • Rush Delivery Turnaround: 6 – 9 Business Hours or Less*. $30 Additional
  • Super Rush Delivery Turnaround: 3 – 6  Business Hours or Less*. $40 Additional

*approximate time and mostly depends on the complexity of a roof.

Yes. Our pricing does not change for roof measurement reports even if its a commercial property. However,  If the complex has multiple buildings, order additional reports for each dwelling or contacts us to get a customized quote.

Please refer to our Sample Apartment Complex report for the information we provide and how we summarize the entire complex to make it, even more, easier for you.

For a  roof area greater than 150 squares, We will divide the roof into multiple reports and summarize them along with a sitemap. The cost will depend upon the final roof area of the total roof and follow the standard pricing rules. if you’re unsure of the roof size or need a quote upfront, please contact our sales department at

Yes, by default we will include all additional structure at a given parcel. Most of our customers require  measurements for all structures included in their report. Due to the limitation of only one place marker on the map, we require you to place this marker on top of the main house and must provide instructions to exclude any detached structures in the “Report Instructions” section during your order process. 

Most roofers, homeowners & construction companies order a comprehensive PDF format. You have an option to order an ESX sketch for Xactimate or XML file formats fo Symbility, CRM/Sales software.

Please Note:  Order for “ESX for Xactimate” format can also includes a simplified 3 page PDF report along with a roof sketch file in.ESX format.  Fort more information please refer to the Sample ESX-PDF format.

Due to our expected fastest processing and delivery times, you can cancel your order for a Premium report ( Standard Delivery Turnaround only) within 15 minutes of your order time with a Simple Call /E-mail to our sales department ( with your order number or simply reply to your order invoice. Express, Rush and Super Rush delivery turnaround orders can’t be cancelled as they are meant to Start processing immediately as soon as they are received.

The amount will be refunded to your account funds balance. 

We understand that even for extremely experienced roofers, it is difficult to guess the final roof size range. We suggest you go with a Premium-Small Roof size to begin with.

Premium–Small Report costs $30 for dwellings with a combined roof area of up to 25 squares.

If the final roof area on your report is greater than the report size ordered, extra $10 for every additional 25 squares will be charged to the original form of payment. (for E.g. a structure with a roof area of up to 50 squares will cost $40.00 and for the roof area of up to 75 squares will cost $50.00 and so on up to 150 Sq.).

For structures with a roof area greater than 150 square, please contact our sales department or send a text message at 865-401-0510 and we will provide you a customized quote.

DESKTOP / ONLINE versions. Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Save the *.esx extension file from your email client to your
    computer’s Desktop (usually by clicking the link found in the email,
    then choose Save As). 
  2. Go to Xactimate>Dashboard>Projects.
  3. Drag and drop the Filename.esx file from your computer’s Desktop
    to Projects in Xactimate.
  4. A dialog box may appear that reads “Success”.
  5. If you wish to move this sketch to an existing Projects, Search this Filename and
    double click to open this file.
  6. Go to the “Sketch” tab and now you can Select all, Copy and Paste it
    in to your desired client’s project.

We will include one or two detached structures in a report for an address  in a single report as long as the detached roof area is under 20 Squares (2000 Sq.ft.). Any structure with a roof area greater than 20 Squares is measured in a separate report of its own. Your order will be adjusted, invoiced and charged accordingly. Any delivery turnaround priorities will also be charged per report and invoiced accordingly.