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Ordering Aerial Shingle Warranty Claim Reports

In the world of roofing, warranties serve as a safety net, ensuring that your investment is protected against unexpected defects and failures. When you encounter issues with your shingles and need to file a warranty claim, the process might seem daunting at first. But fear not! In this comprehensive blog, we will walk you through the steps on how to order a report for shingle warranty claims. Whether you’re dealing with roof shingle algae stains or other problems, we’ve got you covered.


Understanding Shingle Warranty Claims

Before diving into the specifics of ordering a report for your shingle warranty claim, it’s essential to understand the basics of roof shingle warranties. These warranties are offered by manufacturers to guarantee the quality and performance of their products. They typically cover defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period.

Roof Shingle Warranty Types

Shingle warranties come in various types, each offering different levels of protection. Familiarize yourself with the types available to ensure you’re eligible for a claim:

Manufacturer’s Warranty: This warranty is provided by the shingle manufacturer and covers defects in materials and workmanship.

System Warranty: It extends beyond the shingles to cover other roofing components, such as underlayment and ventilation.

Algae-Resistance Warranty: If you’re dealing with algae stains on your shingles, check if your warranty includes coverage for this issue.

Initiating the Warranty Claim Process

When you notice problems with your shingles that you believe are covered under warranty, follow these steps to initiate the claim process:

Step 1: Gather Documentation

Before contacting the manufacturer, collect all the necessary documentation:

Proof of Purchase: Ensure you have a copy of your receipt or invoice.

Product Information: Note down the shingle’s brand, style, and color.

Installation Details: Document when the shingles were installed and by whom.

Step 2: Visit the Manufacturer’s Website

Most manufacturers have a dedicated warranty section on their websites. Visit the following websites for additional guidance:

Inspectapedia – Shingle Warranty Claim

Tamko Warranty Center

CertainTeed Warranty FAQs

DaBella Warranty Information – GAF

IKO Warranty Services FAQs

Step 3: Follow the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Each manufacturer may have specific instructions for filing warranty claims. Follow their guidelines carefully. They may require you to fill out a warranty claim form or provide additional information.

Roof Shingle Algae Stains and Warranty Claims

Algae stains on shingles can be an eyesore and might affect the longevity of your roof. If you’re dealing with algae-related issues, consider the following steps:

Identify Algae Growth

Visual Inspection: Look for dark streaks or discoloration on your shingles, which are signs of algae growth.

Check Warranty Coverage: Review your warranty to determine if it covers algae resistance.

Contact the Manufacturer: Reach out to the shingle manufacturer through their warranty claim process.

Provide Documentation: Submit photos and any supporting documents as requested.

Step 4: Order your Aerial Measurements Report

Order your Aerial Measurements report

Submit the Premium 3D  measurements report to your manufacturer.

Follow Instructions: Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the smoothest process.

Be Patient: Warranty claims can take time, so be prepared for a waiting period.

Follow Instructions: Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the smoothest process.

Document Everything: Keep records of all correspondence and documents related to your claim.

In some cases, manufacturers may request additional information about the roof failure for research purposes.

Detailed Reporting

aerial measurements

By following these steps and insights, you can navigate the process of ordering a report for shingle warranty claims with confidence.

FAQs About Shingle Warranty Claims

Q1. Can I initiate a warranty claim if I didn’t install the shingles myself?
Ans: Yes, you can still file a warranty claim. However, you may be required to furnish installation details and proof of purchase.

Q2. What should I do if my shingle manufacturer has gone out of business?
Ans: If your manufacturer is no longer in business, consider reaching out to the company that acquired their assets, or seek legal advice from a professional.

Q3. Is it necessary to engage a professional for the roof inspection?
Ans: While not always mandatory, having a roofing professional inspect your roof can provide valuable documentation for your claim.

Q4. How long does the typical warranty claim process take?
Ans: The duration can vary, but you can generally expect it to take several weeks to a few months, depending on the manufacturer.

Q5. Can I upgrade my shingles during the warranty claim process?
Ans: Some manufacturers permit upgrades, but it’s advisable to consult with them first, as this may affect the terms of your claim.

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