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Roof, Walls, Gutters, Pavements and Blueprint Measurement Reports


Per Roof $17.95

Quick solution for

  • roofers Quick Bid and  estimating projects
    – Based on roof squares and predominant slope
  • Streamlined process for homeowners comparing quotes
    – Facilitates efficient decision-making
aerial measurements

Optimal format for

  • Roofers’ sales presentations, bills of materials,
  • insurance adjusters, and carriers’ claims processing software formats are available for estimating a claim.
  • homeowners’ shingle warranty claims, etc.

Starting $30.00

Wall and Siding Report

Starting $40 (Each building)

This exterior Wall Standard Measurement Report provides a detailed analysis of your Wall Facet Layout and a few critical dimensions. It provides the Area of every major wall facet. Please note: Window and Doors are not measured and included in the Wall Area. Garage door (Void Area) is Measured and Deducted.

Wall Complete Report

Starting $75 (Each building)

This comprehensive Exterior Wall Measurement Report offers an in-depth examination of your Wall Facet Layout, including intricate details of walls, doors, windows, and trims. It meticulously calculates the area of each significant wall facet for precise analysis. To enhance accuracy, we kindly request you to provide photographs of the building from all sides


Starting $30.00

  • Measurement reports based on blueprints for new construction in the roofing industry
  • Tailored for roofers, construction companies, and builders
  • Ideal for creating Bills of Materials (BOM) for construction projects
  • Optimal format for Roofers’ bid presentations, providing comprehensive insights
  • Valuable for insurance adjusters and carriers in assessing construction and roofing projects
roofr eagleview xactimate hover skymeasure gaf quickmeasure aerial estimation

Starting $35.00 (Each building)

  • Gutter System Installation Report for commercial and residential properties
  • Includes rooftop view and oblique views of the property
  • Linear measurements for eave/soffit included
  • Suggested counts for downspouts, miter corners, and end caps provided
roofr skymeasure hover roofscope aerialestimation aerialreports

Starting $35.00 (Each Pad)

  • Detailed report offering precise 2D surface area measurements
  • Users can select this report option for estimating Asphalt Seal coating projects
  • Provides concrete volume estimates (Cubic Feet) at various depths
  • Useful for Parking lots and Sidewalk Area Measurements
  • Includes Treatable Lawn & Shrub Area Measurements for comprehensive coverage